Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Justice League the New Movie

Justice League the New Frontier is yet another animated movie about superheroes. This one gives your money’s worth because it has SupermanWonder Woman, Batman, the Flash (voiced by Barney from How I Met your Mother), and the Green Lantern (voiced by Angel) in it. Yippee.

Ash had me watch this movie with him, and the one thing that stood out the most was that the superheroes’ eyebrows were on the outside of their masks. I thought most of them were super strong, fast, and could fly, but apparently the masked ones have magical eyebrows too! I also recall the movie being very long because it had to chronicle Wonder Woman’s killing spree in Asia, the Green Lantern’s origin, Batman’s brooding, and the Flash’s escape from a government trap. There’s also a depressed Martian. If I remember the end correctly, all of the superheroes have to fight dinosaurs in the end. I’m pretty sure they won too.

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