Monday, January 18, 2010

The Legion of Super-Pets Story

Ash hates the Legion of Super-Pets story, so perhaps he’s not a hopeless case. Even though Superboy/Superman/Clark Kent was supposedly the only survivor from his planet, a menagerie of animals managed to make it to Earth as well. There’s Krypto, the Superdog, who is a Superman’s best friend. There’s also Supercat, Superhorse, and Supermonkey. Apparently the monkey stowed away on the spaceship with Superbaby Clark Kent. I guess there was room for a monkey, but not his own mother.

Anyway, the story in the Legion of Superheroes Archives Volume 1 begins with giant, evil, floating brains. The brains attack the planet, and they can control human brains. The big brains can’t control animal brains, which means that the Super-Pets are able to save the day.

(Drawing by Curt Swan.)


  1. Actually, Supermonkey was sent up in a test rocket that never came down by Superboy's father before Superboy himself was sent.

    Superhorse and Supercat are actually from Earth, turned "super" by magic and X-kryptonite, respectively.

    And Ash is wrong--the Super-Pets rule...

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  3. I can just ( just ) about take Krypto, basically due to Elliot S. Maggin's beautiful Krypto prose story ' Starwinds Howl ', but the rest of the super pets? There's a prime reason why Marvel kicked DC's arse, y'know?

  4. Reading from the word: Adventure Comics 293 Page 10 pannel 5 Wordballoon 1. " -Chuckle-...There's Super-Monkey, who stowed away in the rocket ship which brought Superbaby to Earth from Krypton!"

    If that's wrong, I don't want to be right. Remember this was written by Jerry Siegel. He thought the Legion was in the 21 Century not the 30th. I guess he was too busy trying sue DC for proper compensation. What did he ever do... think up Superman after all.

    If you can't trust an ephemeral comic from 1962, what can you trust? Trust No 1.