Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Legion of Super-Villains

There’s a Legion of Super-Heroes, a Legion of Super-Pets, and even a Legion of Substitute Heroes. I figured the next group would be the Legion of Substitute Pets, but I was wrong. The next organization is the Legion of Super-Villains.

The story begins with Lex Luther in jail, and he steals radio parts to send a message into the future. Of course, he sends the message 1000 years in the future to the Legion of Super-Villains. This Legion’s members are all related to the regular Legionnaires. Lightning Lord is Lightning Lad’s evil older brother, Cosmic King is related to someone named Cosmic Boy, and Saturn Queen is Saturn Girl’s malicious older sister.

What’s unusual about Saturn Queen is that she’s the only one from Saturn that’s mean. (Didn’t you know that there are aliens living on Saturn, and they’re all very nice?) Superman figures out that there is something in Saturn’s rings that makes all of its inhabitants good. So, he borrowed Claes Oldenburg’s giant spoon and scooped up a bunch of Saturn’s rings to help turn Saturn Queen nice again.

(Drawing by Curt Swan.)


  1. Too bad Superman didn't borrow Claes' giant typewriter to write himself into a better story.