Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Lamps for Old

Like the evil uncle in Aladdin, Marvel is trying to get comic book stores to trade in their old comics for a new one. Except in Aladdin’s story, the deal seemed like a good idea. Who wouldn’t be tempted to trade an old beat up lamp for a new one?

Marvel seems to be sulking at the success of DC’s Blackest Night series, and they want shop owners to rip off the covers of unsold Blackest Night comics to trade in for a variant cover of one of their comics. I don’t know what marketing genius thought of that idea, but who is going to rip up 50 comics to exchange for one comic that only has a different cover than the one readily available? Ash showed me a picture of it, and it’s for the Deadpool title. It is a drawing of Deadpool flanked by two hoochie-mamas who practiced foot binding. It’s not even that interesting of a picture.

Perhaps there is something more to the Blackest Night covers? Maybe Marvel is planning to make a papier-mâché lamp out of the covers, rub it, and then unleash a genie into the multiverse!

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