Friday, January 15, 2010

SNL Season 5

So, I bought my husband the fifth season of Saturday Night Live because he asked so nicely. In exchange for the gift, I get to complain about it.

Ash really likes this season because he said it’s “the Billy Murray show” since Dan Akryod and John Belushi quit the show. Since Ash is such a huge nerd, he watched the entire series pretty much non-stop. (We don’t have cable, so there is never anything to watch on TV.) Fortunately for me, I got to miss out on a lot of the fun and Ash watched most of it alone.

In addition to the extra dosage of Bill Murray, Ash enjoyed this season a lot. He really liked the musical performances by the B-52s and David Bowie, which he insisted I watch. I knew that the B-52s were odd, but I wasn’t prepared for David Bowie. At one point, Bowie wore a green screen suit with the body of a marionette-style puppet attached to it so it looked like a weird puppet dancing around with Bowie’s giant head on it. The part that fascinated Ash the most was the two backup vocalists. They both worse dress, but one man was completely in red and the other was in black. Ash now wants two men dressed in red and black to follow him around at all times to sing with him.


  1. see watching SNL can lead to dangerous ideas.

  2. "Who Knows? Not ME"