Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Star Trek Season 1

Ash and would sometimes catch old episodes of Star Trek late at night/early in the morning a few years ago. Since we only have one television, this means that I would sometimes catch old episodes of Star Trek late at night/early in the morning as well. Honestly, that was enough William Shatner for me. Unfortunately for me, my husband has a higher Shatner-tolerance level. He felt the need to buy the show on DVD in the special plastic case.

The first season has ten DVDs of Shat-tastic entertainment. Instead of a little book for an episode guide, the boxed set came with futuristic plastic cards that I’m not allowed to use as coasters. William Shatner is, of course, Captain James Tiberius Kirk. Except, I remember in an early episode there was a tombstone for Kirk, and he had a different middle initial. Personally, I don’t know why he was named after Caligula’s grandfather. Then again, Kirk shows his affinity for debauchery ever now and then, so I guess it makes sense. Even though Kirk had to support the “Prime Directive,” it was perfectly okay for him to hit on alien ladies.

Leonard Nimoy was Spock, who was half human and half Vulcan. That means he had pointy ears, an attraction for eye shadow, and no sense of humor. He was always at ends with DeForest Kelly’s character Bones. Bones always said, “Damn it, Jim. I’m a Doctor, not a [whatever he didn’t want to do]…” Nichelle Nichols was Uhura and George Takei was Sulu. There was also a Scotsman named Scotty, and a Russian named Rushy. The first season chronicled the crew travelling through space so Kirk could date aliens, Spock could point out how illogical everything was, and so the crew could intervene in the development of extraterrestrial civilizations.

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