Thursday, January 21, 2010

Supergirl the Matchmaker

Even though Superman is apparently the sole survivor from the extinct planet Krypton, there are a bunch of pets that survived as well as Superman’s cousin. Superman’s cousin has actually gone through various incarnations and has various names. One version of her is Supergirl, but there’s also Power Girl. The Supergirl character has changed quite a bit over the years though, including her name. At first, her name was Linda Lee, and she lived in an orphanage. Someone decided that was pretty terrible to have Linda Lee living in an orphanage while Superman lived a more comfortable life, so she was adopted by the Danvers family.

So, Linda Lee Danvers lives in Midvale, and her secret identity is Supergirl. At least she’s a little cleverer than Superman because she wears a brunette wig when she’s pretending to be human. When she is superhero-suited-up, her hair is blonde. It’s not a fantastic disguise, but it’s a step up from glasses.

Anyway, Supergirl decides that her cousin is too lonely and needs a girlfriend. She decides to go back in time to try to set Superman up with Helen of Troy because she never learned about the Trojan War. Obviously, this match did not work, so Supergirl and Superman leave ancient Greece. Then, Supergirl gets Superman to go out with Saturn Girl. Unfortunately, Saturn Girl and Supergirl look exactly the same, so there are a few panels where it looks like Superman is making out with his own cousin. The date doesn’t end well though, because Lightning Lad is in love with Saturn Girl.

Supergirl tries to play matchmaker one last time. She tells Superman that there is a duplicate of herself named Luma Lynai, who is Superwoman. Even though Superman and Supergirl are related, I guess the duplicate isn’t a relative because Superman decides to see Superwoman. Either that, or incest wasn’t a taboo on Krypton. Anyway, Superman falls in love with Superwoman, but it’s not meant to be. Superman needs a yellow sun to give him strength, and Superwoman needs a blue sun for her powers.

The story ends, according to my husband, when “Supergirl apologizes to Superman for being such a little bitch and goes home and cries.”

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