Thursday, January 14, 2010

Superman Doomsday

How many cartoon movies about superheroes does a grown man need? My answer would be zero, but my husband has other ideas. Superman Doomsday is yet another animated movie created by DC Comics. It tells the story about how Superman dies, but it’s no big deal because superheroes don’t stay dead forever anyway.

My husband likes this movie because the guy who played Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer did one of the voices. It also came in one of those cheesy holographic covers that changes depending on the viewer’s angle. Also, let’s not forget about the hours of bonus features!


  1. You should tell your FanBoy that the guy who played Spike is actually from Modesto, CA - it kind of takes the glamour out of it...of course, the fact that I know that reveals my own Buffy Fandom...

  2. I had to post because we have the comic and not only did I have to read it, my husband had to WATCH me read it to make sure that I read it. And since I just organized the dvd's I realize that we also have the movie too, YAY for me.

  3. Did he make you read the Death and the Return because the Return of Superman is quite long and drawn out.