Monday, February 8, 2010

Atom Eve

Atom Eve is a new comic that my husband purchased. By looking at the cover, it looks like it’s the story about a pink sex-kitten who fights crime. However, I know that comic covers can be deceiving, and that is true with this story. It’s actually the story about a little girl, which makes the cover even more disturbing. Why would anyone draw a preteen character as this cover artist did?

The story starts off like The Omen. A woman gives birth to a baby that dies, and it is replaced with another baby with strange powers. Instead of being the child of Satan and a dog, Eve’s mother is a mutant-machine-lady and her dad is a scientist.

As Eve grows up, and she realizes she has the power to change objects she doesn’t care for into things she likes. Unlike Damien though, Eve decides to use her powers to fight crime instead of killing off nannies. Eve eventually kills all of her biological siblings, who are evil mutants, and then she meets her real parents. Her mother is hooked up to a machine by some villains in order to pump out super-babies, and then she is murdered. Eve’s dad, the scientist, is also killed. Eve gets even and kills everyone else, and then the story ends when she returns home to her unappreciative legal parents.


  1. I'm assuming that you think the cover is disturbing because you associate that image as supposedly the artists rendition of a preteen girl. I highly doubt this is the case. The character, as you may know is Atom Eve, this comic is supposed to be an origin story for her.
    The cover image is a representation of Atom Eve as she currently is in the Invincible series, a young adult. That is how most readers from the comic series recognize her.

  2. Right! Atom Eve is a grown up, the pic on the cover shows her, how she normally looks like. And this Comic was a special story about how it all began! How she became a super hero!
    And btw, Eve´s mom was not a mutant-machine-lady!! I guess you did´t even read it, you just had a quick view over the pics! O.o

  3. She's a pre-teen, and she's got boobs?
    I think I know what happened.

    Biologists now realize that puberty is triggered not by age, but by body weight. (It's true, honest!) So, clearly, the pre-teen girl ate like a pig, or had a thyroid condition or something, and got so fat that she entered puberty at age six. Then, BECAUSE she was in puberty, she realized what a fat cow she looked like to boys and to her peers, so she went on a crash diet. She's now rail thin with big boobies, even though she's not yet a teen-ager.