Sunday, February 21, 2010

Clerks: the Animated Series

The first work by Kevin Smith I ever saw was Clerks: the Animated Series. I watched the only two episodes ever aired, and I was dismayed to discover that it was cancelled before the third week. I thought it was pretty funny, and I remember I was particularly amused because there was a cartoon character named Silent Bob. I had not seen the movie Clerks at the time, and I had never heard of Kevin Smith either. This cartoon isn’t too bad because it’s not necessary to watch anything else by Smith.

Years later, my husband found the entire series on DVD for sale. There were only six episodes made, but they come on a two disc set. All of the episodes have commentary and they are introduced with host segments by Jay and Silent Bob. I didn’t mind this purchase because I thought those two episodes from years ago were amusing.

The cartoon follows Dante and Randal, who work at the Quick Stop and video store respectively. Their nemesis is Leonardo Leonardo and they all live in Leonardo, New Jersey. Jay and Silent Bob sell fireworks and host the “Safety Tips” segments. The series begins with Dante and Randal destroying Leonardo’s competitive convenience store. The second episode tells the story of the two locked in a freezer and having flashbacks. During the third episode, Randal is convinced that Dante has the deadly motaba virus, and Jay Sues Dante in the fourth episode. Dante coaches little league baseball in the fifth episode, and Jay and Silent Bob are on his team. The last episode was called, “The Last Episode Ever” and it begins with the characters at a convention and ends with crazy carnival.


  1. thanks for the post on my blog. you've got a very funny blog over here. spent about an hour reading into the past. i'll be sure to check it out again in the future.


  2. For what ever reason the only thing I remember is the line "You're a cigarette!" from the freezer episode and the shock that came with the fact that they didn't censor the lead up to it on network tv.