Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gay foa Justige

My husband, who knows I’m picky about typography, showed me the cover of one his comics and asked me to read it. I told him I thought it said, “Justice League Cry for Justice.” That was correct, and I asked him why he wanted my opinion. He told me that he was listening to a podcast called CGS and the hosts kept calling the book “Gay for Justice.” They claimed that the text was written so poorly that it really looked like “gay” instead of “cry.” The hosts continued to refer to the book as “Gay for Justice” throughout the duration of the podcast, which irritated and offended my husband.

Usually, in bad typography, “G” sometimes looks like a “C” when the hook is indiscernible. I haven’t seen it the other way around nearly as often. The “R” could have been mistaken for an “A,” except there is another “R” in the title in the exact same font. I’ll only accept the argument that “cry” looks like “gay” if they think that “for” looks like “foa,” which isn’t a real word. There is also another “c” in “justice.” So, those podcasters must really think the book is called “Gay foa Justige,” or they are immature and just wanted to say the word “gay” a lot on the internet.


  1. Hee hee! Justige.. I'm going to try and work that into conversation tomorrow just to see if anyone will notice.

  2. Name's Ace, though it'll say anon. below. Okay, let me ask this: What, exactly, bothered your hubby so much about people calling the series "Gay for Justice"?

    I'm not saying that people should make fun of gay PEOPLE, mind you; and I don't think "gay" should used as a synonym for "lame". I just don't think this specific usage is offensive.

  3. He was upset because it sounded to him that the podcast hosts were using "gay" as a synonym for "stupid."