Friday, February 5, 2010

Superman Again

When I went to Egypt in 2006, I wore light-colored, cotton clothing. One of my t-shirts happened to have Superman on it. (I remember that the only reason I bought it was because it was light gray and only cost $3.) Anyway, while on a tour of an ancient temple, a fanboy from the UK saw my shirt and started asking me about the new Superman movie. I had no idea that there was going to be a new film, and I had never even seen the old ones. I was really surprised by the conversation in the first place because who on Earth wants to talk about superheroes when he’s in an awesome ancient Egyptian temple?

When I got home from Egypt, I asked Ash if he had heard of the movie. If my memory serves me right, he did say he heard about it but he heard it was going to be terrible. It must not have been that awful because my husband owns the Superman Returns DVD. At least he’s never made me watch it.


  1. Egypt. I am so jealous! All I know about the new Superman movie is that after all these decades, Superman still hasn't figured out that it's panties THEN tights.

  2. It was an awful movie, and I'm a damned fanboy. Don't let him make you watch it.