Friday, February 12, 2010

Taste the Beast

Because my husband loved the movie I Love You, Man, he bought the movie Role Models because it has the same guy in it. It’s not the guy from How I Met Your Mother, but it was the other actor. (It really annoys my husband when I don’t bother to learn actors’ names, so I don’t make much of an effort at all. I’m terrible; I know.)

Aside from all the fascination with breasts, this movie wasn’t too terrible. It begins with two men who sell energy drinks as a living. One man tells students to drink the energy drinks, and the other, dressed as a Minotaur, yells, “Taste the beast!” They get in trouble with the law, and instead of going to jail they agree to be mentors. The Minotaur gets a very troubled little boy to mentor, and the other guy is the role model for a nerdy teenager. The nerdy teenager is antisocial, wears a cape, and plays a Renaissance faire fighting game. In the end, everyone unleashes their inner geeks and plays the fighting game.

I would accuse my husband of identifying with the dorky teenager, but he has always hated Renaissance festivals. At least I have that comfort.


  1. I like the movie a lot :3
    as for the Renaissance festival thing.. not so much, we went for the first time to one of those not too long ago in Houston, they are alright, its everything is just too expensive, I like the kinds of weapons they have there and I like to see the people who are all dressed up, but its not the kind of thing I would like to go in a big group, which we did, didnt work out very well it seems like we spent half the time looking for eachother and trying to meet somewhere~
    anyway... I'll stop my rant, I'll only go if its me and my fiancee and just one or two more people but not 9!!

  2. I mentally refer to that guy as 'Cher's hot (not-actual) brother who she makes out with at the end of Clueless'.