Monday, February 15, 2010

Trimming Boards

My husband compulsively boards and bags his comics in order to carefully preserve them and fill up our bedroom. He spends a small fortune on Mylar bags, which are made out of a special type of plastic that doesn’t discolor. He also buys acid-free boards to keep the bags straight. Unfortunately, he can’t manage to find the perfect size of boards. Ash insists that the only types of boards available are too small or too big. So, he buys boards that are little too big and trims down each and every board to the perfect size. I think this must be another symptom of his fanboyitis.


  1. Are you sure there wasn't an editorial mixup? This seems more like a Valentine's Day editorial than a President's Day message.

  2. lol my fiancee isn't so precise with his stuff but he does keep the comic boxes in our bedroom...
    Thanx for all the comments :3
    I'm planning on getting a card reader so I can post more pictures... I have progressed on my pin bouquet!

  3. You think that's bad
    I haven't posted the BEST part.. and by BEST I prolly mean WORST! It all depends on one's view of the situation...

    Let me see if I can get you an exclusive quick link to a picture of a SMALL portion of our MANTLE...
    that's probably between a foot or a foot and a half. And it has everything from comic book toys, to vinyl from ultraman villans to gundams and other stuff I'm sure your husband would recognize if you allow him to lay eyes upon this image!!