Monday, March 15, 2010

Whale Green Lantern

I knew that the Green Lanterns were humans and aliens that kind of look human. I even knew that there was one with a pig head. What I didn’t know was that there was a whale Green Lantern! He’s a flying, green whale. Since he doesn’t have arms and legs, he can’t fit in the Green Lantern uniform. To help him feel less naked, the other Green Lanterns painted his skin.

I don’t know where he wears his Green Lantern Ring. Maybe he got his blowhole pierced?


  1. Yeah, I can't get behind whale Green Lantern.

  2. Well, er...uh...yeah, I'm sorry, I got nothing. A whale? Seriously? Oh wait! I got it! THIS is a progressive comic that transcends the body image debate, right? I mean, he's a whale, literally.
    Okay, so I still got nothing.

  3. Well there is a lantern that is a planet...
    Link (on the upper right corner)
    Link 2