Thursday, March 4, 2010

Adventure Comics # 4

Ash insists that Adventure Comics # 4 is the greatest comic ever because it has every fanboy’s fantasy: two Legions.

This comic features dual numbering, so it’s also comic number 507. Apparently that’s significant.

Anyway, before Ash could tell me about the greatest Adventure Comics issue ever, he had to fill me in on the back story. So, Superboy Prime was sucked into a black hole with Superman, Lois Lane, and Alexander Luthor during Crisis on Infinite Earths. (Alexander Luthor is not the same as Lex Luthor who is Superman’s nemesis. Instead, Alexander Luthor is a good guy from Earth 3.) While in space-purgatory, Lois began to die. Luthor and Superboy Prime began going insane because of their homesickness. Then, in Infinite Crisis, many of the “Infinite” Earths get destroyed. Superman, Lois, Luthor, and Superboy Prime all try to recreate Earth with the five remaining Earths. It ends with the Joker killing Alexander Luthor.

Adventure Comics # 4 is about Superboy reading Adventure Comics #4. Yes, he is reading the issue he is in, and he doesn’t like how it ends. Alexander Luthor rises from the dead as a Black Lantern and torments Superboy Prime, who is evil. SP says his catchphrase, “It’s Prime time!” He then gets sent back in time, and he fights the Legion of Three Worlds. They send SP to a copy of Earth Prime. I think that’s how the story ends, but I’m not sure. Ash started talking about another comic book thing without taking a breath and I was left completely bored and confused.

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  1. I like Superman. I really do. I just don't understand all the links and groups and worlds and stuff since I was a kid. I have friends that try and explain these to me - it's hopeless! Why couldn't they just all stay the same like Archie?