Friday, March 12, 2010

Adventure Comics 6

Adventure Comics #6 is Geoff Johns’ last issue (for now). Ash was very excited about this story and told me all about it. This story finishes up the Superboy story, but it’s not Superboy Prime. This Superboy is Conner Kent, who is Lex Luthor and Superman’s biological baby. I guess Luthor harvested Superman’s semen after he died, and then had their DNA combined to create Conner Kent. Superman came back to life later on, and Conner Kent preferred his Superman-dad instead of his Lex Luther-dad. This made Luthor furious.

In this story, Luthor killed his father and left town. Luthor also has a sister with a health condition. My husband said that there were a lot of inconsistencies with this story, including the health of Luthor’s sister. Apparently she is incredibly unhealthy, but she managed to have a daughter.
So, Superboy Conner Kent met a girl who was vandalizing a doctor’s office because that doctor wouldn’t help her mother because they didn’t have enough money. Conner went with the girl to her house, and it is revealed that the girl is Lex Luthor’s niece. Another inconsistency that bothered Ash was that even though Luthor’s sister was too poor to pay the doctor, they could afford one of those wheelchair elevators so she could go up and down the stairs.

Anyway, Luthor showed up because he was tracking Connor. He wanted to fight Superboy since he was jealous that Superboy loved Superman more than him. Luthor was ready to fight and even brought some kryptonite with him. Luthor said that he was mad at Superman because Superman makes it so people don’t have to solve their own problems. So, Superboy challenges Luthor to create a cure for his sick sister.

Lex Luthor takes up Superboy on his challenge and develops a cure for the rare disease his sister has. He injects his sister with the medication, and she is miraculously cured! Then, Luthor injects her with the disease to make her sick again. The only reason he did all of that work was prove that he could do it, not that he really wanted his sister healthy. This would probably explain how she could afford to have a wheelchair elevator installed in her home, but she couldn’t pay her medical bills.

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