Friday, March 19, 2010

Longest, Blackest Night

How long is this night supposed to last? Ash keeps getting more and more Blackest Night comics. He has all the rings already. How much longer will the agony last?


  1. It will last until the next crossover thingy, which will also forever change the DC Universe as we know it, which in turn will be followed by another catastrophic blockbuster event that will forever change the DC Universe..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Five years from now none of the superheroes will remember what happened in Blackest Night.

  2. Brightest Day is just around the corner and it's a year long!

  3. Today the last of Blackest Night is out (about 8 months long) Ash should be getting his copy soon, and me too XD.
    April 14 Brightest Day #0 is out, so beware of the long Brightest Year that is on its way.
    BTW they are selling an extra ring to add to the collection, a White Lantern Ring sold separately.

  4. well duh... after the blackest night MUST come the brightest day ... I mean geeze