Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Seth Rogen

I really don’t get what appeal Seth Rogen has, but my husband adores him. Seth Rogen has replaced that special place in Ash’s heart that was once held buy the man who plays Marshall on How I Met Your Mother. For a while, Ash bought every Seth Rogen movie he could find, and they’ve taken over my living room.

Seth Rogen’s voice is very irritating to me. It sounds like he had a sore throat, but instead of taking a lozenge he ate Kermit the Frog. Apparently he’s funny, but he’s pretty much annoying. He seems to play a lot of characters that are lazy and do drugs. As I said earlier, I can’t figure out his appeal.


  1. He's a the kind of guy that looks like you could have a few beers with and he'll never stop with the funny.

  2. I am confident to tell you that maybe it is just a phase and that sooner or later... "he will outgrow it" (lol)

    By the way, i find hes voice really weird... more than your irritating :>

  3. D8 o noes!! he ate Kermit!?! DX that's horrible!