Thursday, March 18, 2010


When a male superhero character gets really popular, many times a female counterpart will be created to help rake in some more cash without having to strain anyone’s gray matter. For example, Supergirl was created to compliment Superman. Power Girl can also count as another female Superman. Bat-Man has Bat-Girl as his female spinoff. It’s twice the heroes with half the creativity. There are two things that annoy me about these female superheroes. First of all, their costumes are always more revealing than anything the men wear. Secondly, they’re only “girls” when the males are “men.”

At least when Spider-Man got a sex-change, he got to be called “Spider-Woman” instead of “Spider-Girl.” Okay, I’m kidding, Peter Parker isn’t transgendered, but that might make an interesting story arc. Besides, if the story isn’t popular, the wizard can always send the character back in time pre-operation!

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  1. I've noticed the "girl" thing as an all too glaring sexist offense. Perhaps they were paying homage to The Kiss of Spider Woman?