Sunday, March 7, 2010

Superman Secret Origin 4

I obviously didn’t read Superman Secret Origin # 4, but Ash told me about it. He said the story began outside of Lex Luthor’s compound with a crowd. Apparently, Luthor was going to select one person to improve his/her life with some of his life-changing specialists. The person who was selected was a glutton, and he was brought inside to take a bunch of tests. This person was also able to help himself to some doughnuts, which he devoured. Unfortunately, he dropped one of the doughnuts on the floor, and it landed in some chemical. Since this man was a pig, he ate the doughnut anyway, and he turned into the Parasite.

The Parasite is a mutant that feeds off people’s energy and kills them. I asked Ash if he was horribly deformed after his transformation. “Yes,” he said, “The Parasite is all pink and has a biter-mouth.” With this information, I just don’t know how I can resist reading this series.

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  1. I think this would make me put off donuts for a long time. How about "comic-book reading as diet aid?"