Wednesday, April 14, 2010


One of the themes explored in Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer was inter-species dating. Buffy, who is human, liked to date vampires. Her first vampire boyfriend was Angel, who was supposed to be a dark and tormented character. However, he just came across as a tall guy with a big head and even bigger hair who liked to wear black.
Apparently Angel was an evil vampire named Angelus. He was such a badass, that he even got an “A” for “Angel” tattooed on his back before electric tattoo guns were invented. He used to torture people and made a few vampires himself. Unfortunately for him, he ate a Romani girl. (The show referred to her as a “Gypsy,” but I know that term can be considered offensive.) Anyway, the girl’s family cursed him and gave him back his soul. Once Angel got his soul back, he felt very bad for his past transgressions, moved to the United States, and lived in a sewer. The curse was meant to make him feel miserable, yet if he ever became happy he would lose his soul and become evil again.
Angel then met Buffy and they fought evil together and started to date after he moved out the sewer. On one of their dates Angel got “happy” and lost his soul. He then ran amok and bothered Buffy and her friends until Buffy killed him. Regrettably, right before Buffy ran him through with a sword Willow found a way to reinstate Angel’s soul.

Somehow Angel came back to “life” and was as dark and tormented as ever. He then moved to a different town and got his own television show with his own sidekicks. I think he got a psychic demon, a green guy, and a human friend in his contract.


  1. Haha! At first I thought Angel was "tormented" but after a while I decided he was more like "beefcake", with a side-order of "whiny bitch".

  2. I like your description better – it’s right to the point!