Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to Survive FCBD

Free Comic Book Day is right around the corner, and I’m going to share some tips on how to survive it. It would be ideal if you have other obligations that day, but perhaps you owe your fanboy because he bought you dinner, cleaned the bathroom, or he is blackmailing you. If you find yourself being coaxed into going to FCBD, here are some survival guidelines.

  1. Bring a book to read. After about an hour, you’ll need some form of entertainment other than listening to the latest crossover event.
  2. Wear a hat and shades. Not only will it protect you from the sun, but you never know who will drive past the comic book store and notice you. A disguise will help avoid awkward conversations at work the next Monday.
  3. Bring snacks and something to drink. You will be less tired and cranky if you are nourished.
  4. Bring enough to eat to share with your fanboy. When he’s eating, he will have to take a break from talking about the latest podcasts.
  5. Just keep telling yourself that it only happens once a year, and try to think of ways to “forget” to flip the calendar over from April next year.

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