Thursday, April 1, 2010


Dear Ash,

Why did you spend all of the rent money on comics? Good luck fitting in one of your long boxes for shelter. Now you will have to burn all of your comics for warmth!

Love ,
Fanboy Wife


  1. I do hope that's an April Fool. You should never burn comics - they give off noxious chemicals that could alter your body chemistry and give you strange and uncanny abilities.


  2. If this was an April fool then hats off to you for a good one. If not, um...can I assist you in finding a marriage counselor?

  3. I can't afford a marriage counselor, so this blog is my therapy.

  4. If that happened to me, I would take all the comics he never ever reads ever, and pawn them off to make rent. It would serve the buttface right. That's terrible and horrible, and Ash, ur lucky I ain't ur wife and the one that you do have loves you very much to actually put up with that. Think about that, and see if you can re-priotrize.