Sunday, April 25, 2010


Even though Seth Rogen isn’t in the movie Accepted, the actor that’s the really overweight version of Seth Rogen is in it, so my husband bought it. I kind of watched it when my husband had it playing, but it was pretty ridiculous. This film is a great example as to why people who never went to college shouldn’t be allowed to make movies about college.

The movie is about a 30-year-old high school senior who is an idiot and can’t get into college. So, he makes a fake college and scams his parents into giving him the tuition money. As a “crazy twist” the website for the fake college is found by other 30-year-old idiotic teenagers who apply to the phony college, who all show up with their belongings and tuition. The scammer teenager decides to take their money and set up classes that include tanning and playing video games.

Eventually, the real colleges catch wind of the scam and insist that the bogus college needs to shut down because they are unaccredited. The movie concludes with an accreditation investigation, and then the movie ends. I bet that the fake college gets to stay open, but Ash kicked me out of the room because I kept complaining.

The accreditation hearing was completely absurd. First of all, there are many colleges that operate unaccredited. Many Fundamentalist Christian colleges have been operating like that for generations, so it’s not illegal. When I was in college, I helped participate in the college’s accreditation processes. It was more like a science fair than a trial. The professors and department heads each selected a few students to come with them to help set up a booth. I had to bring a project I created with the appropriate paperwork and answer a few questions by the “judge.” In the end, we got accredited because of the high caliber of work that we did, not because we gave passionate speeches that “challenged the system” or whatever the morel of the story was supposed to be.


  1. Love the blog! And that movie really is stupid. I was coerced into watching it. I will never get that little portion of my humble life back.