Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shat-Tastic Comic

Last year, when I was held hostage at Free Comic Book Day, I got a William Shatner comic book. I actually read the comic, even though it kept getting worse and worse with each page I turned. Since Shatner is kind of cheesy, I thought the comic would have at least been slightly amusing, but it wasn’t. It was a collection of science-fiction comics that had nothing to do with Shatner.

The only thing it had to do with Shatner was his likeness on the cover. Too bad I hadn’t learned my lesson that comic covers often have nothing to do with their contents yet.


  1. "Kind of cheesy"? Hahaha, you are a mistress of understatement! I love the link btw, where you suggest artists may simply draw boobs on covers in future. My (large breasted) friend used to run a pub and she said to me once that if her breasts started serving customers without the rest of her, none of the men would notice.

  2. Tom, that was truly horrifying!

    Blogmella, I don't doubt it.

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