Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tales from the Crypt Season 2

Ash got the first and second season of Tales from the Crypt together. I don’t know how many seasons there are, so I don’t know how many more DVDs he will need to buy in order to complete the collection.

The second season is even creepier than the first, and it has more episodes. This season features zombies, fat guys, murderers and vampires! The most disturbing show explains the Crypt Keeper’s birth, which is interesting to fanboys because they love origin stories.


  1. Ah! Fat guys! Oh, and I must admit, we do love our origin stories.

  2. My first husband ran off with his assistant at work. She was young and blonde at the time but that was 20 years ago. Recently I saw pictures of her on Facebook.Bloody hell! I've kept pretty young-looking but SHE looks just like the Crypt Keeper. Hahahaha! Yes, I'm still bitter.