Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fanboy Wife Dao

In Daoism, there is a belief that there is flow to the universe. Some things are negative and some things are positive. These things aren’t really good or evil, but they all keep flowing. Negative things are replaced by good, and the universe keeps moving.

I recently realized there is a Dao for fanboys and their ever suffering significant others. This is called Fanboy Wife Dao. Last year on Free Comic Book Day, I had to wait in line for hours to get my husband some extra free comics. He had something positive and I had something negative. This year, the flow of the universe switched.

About a week ago, Ash’s car quit working, so he has either had to walk to work or I would drive him on my way to or from work. While this could have been seen as a bad thing, it’s not permanent. Now, Free Comic Book Day is always on a Saturday, but Ash often has to work weekends. Thanks to the Fanboy Wife Dao, he was scheduled to work on his most holy of fanboy holidays. Additionally, he took the car, which left me with no means of transportation, thus making it impossible for me to go across town to go get him any fanboy loot.

While I am relieved that I didn’t have to partake in the “festivities” this year, I know better than to celebrate because I know this victory is ephemeral.


  1. I'm trying to type my reply and, if your theories are correct, I can only assume that somebody somewhere is using a very fast computer. *sigh* Anyway, poor old Ash! But at least he has a cool name.

  2. Just as well you didn't go. No William Shatner comic this year.

  3. I didn't go. I still go to comic book stores occasionally -- the last time was six months ago -- but I'm not going to wait in line to get into one, certainly not if all I'm getting is a gift that would normally retail for $2.99 or $3.99. (If I had gone I would have gotten the John Stanley comic.)

    The really dumb thing about Free New Comic Book Day is that it was supposed to attract new readers to comic books, but the only people who know about it are fanboys and fangirls (and of course, their long-suffering companions).

  4. My brother told me he took BOTH our nephews to the comic shop. I asked why. "It was Free Comic Book Day!" Of course.