Sunday, May 9, 2010

Iron Man 2: Electric Boogaloo

Ash and I used to go to the movies a lot when we were dating. There was a theatre in the next town over from where we grew up where tickets were only $4. There was also a drive-in during the summer that showed two movies for $5. We went to the movies almost every single weekend when we were in high school. In college, we didn’t go to the cinema very often because it cost more in that town and we had less money. However, we did see a lot of matinees during the summer because they weren’t too expensive and there was no air conditioning on campus.

In our current town, movies are $9. A weekday matinee at 1:00 in the afternoon is still $7. Even though we now both have grownup jobs, we still can’t afford to spend that much on one movie - especially considering that it will be cheaper to buy the DVD in a few months anyway! The last movie Ash took me to was Star Trek, and before that we saw Clerks II. The last movie I saw before that was Serenity. Now, going to the movies costs way too much and isn’t all that enjoyable for me.

So, this weekend Ash told me, “I know two people who are going to see Iron Man 2 tonight.” I asked him, “Who?” expecting him to tell me the names of two friends. Unfortunately for me, he meant us. Thankfully, Ash didn’t wear his new Iron Man t-shirt to the film. (Instead, he wore a Flash shirt.) I also got him to leave his new Iron Man hat at home because it’s rude to wear a hat in the movie theater.

The movie theater was packed. There were a lot lonely looking adult men, screaming children, and a few teenage boys. There were a few moms too, but they let their children run free as I see a lot of mothers do more and more often. As I hypothesized before, Ash only likes comic book movies that are based on comics that he doesn’t obsessively collect. After seeing Iron Man 2, I think I might be able to prove the Iron Man Hypothesis correct. Ash really enjoyed this movie. He liked the guy with the electric whips, the robots, and Samuel L. Jackson, which goes without saying. What amused me the most is that Ash’s willing suspension of disbelief drew the line when the chauffer was driving down the racetrack in a regular car the wrong way. He was okay with the battery-powered-heart, the flying suits, and that the new female character could walk in those shoes without tipping over constantly, but the racing scene is when he said, “No way!”

Since Ash is a fanboy, he knew ahead of time that we couldn’t leave the theater with 95% of the other patrons once the credits started rolling. So, Ash and I sat in the theater with about a dozen other grown men in super-apparel waiting for the “bonus” clip at the end. I asked him if we were going to get to see Scully in a bikini again, and he shushed me. We had to sit through 3 hours of credits in order to get to the end bit. It wasn’t a really big surprise to find out that there were more graphic artists who worked on the movie than directors, but it was kind of boring. The movie itself was 2 hours! Anyway, here’s the spoiler: at the end of the movie a guy in the desert finds a hammer. I guess the desert was in Norway because the hammer is supposed to belong to Thor, who is apparently a superhero and not a God.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing Iron Man 2. But now my interest is peeked. What did you think of Star Trek and Serenity?

  2. I'm thinking that maybe your hubbie should take you out more if this was your first movie date in about a year ;)

    I took my son - my wife and daughter went to 'How to Train a Dragon'.

  3. I'm beginning to worry about you. Do you ever get to see or read anything that you like?

  4. I did try to warn you.

    He wore a DC T-shirt to a Marvel film? That's just diabolical.

  5. While I often don't have control over the TV, I get to read whatever I want. I usually don’t read Ash’s books.