Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mystery Packages

Over a week ago, I came home to find a package “cleverly” hid under our doormat. It was for Ash – big surprise. Then, when he came home from work and checked the mail, there was another package for him. A little bit later, a third package arrived that same day. All three were from the same shipper, and all three of them contained a horror that I am just now able to talk about without getting too depressed.

Apparently after “watching” a few episodes of Doctor Who, Ash decided that he loves it and had to drain his bank account on all of the DVD boxed sets he could find. Inexplicably, this recent binge of his happened to coincide with the fact that he finished watching all of his Red Dwarf seasons.


  1. Wow. Sounds like you and Ash need to have a talk about finances.

    You know how the old saying goes? "Don't spend it all in one place". You might want to start there. :P

  2. Doctor Who is a pretty slippery slope...
    Be careful, Fanboy Wife.

  3. As a UK citizen and huge Dr Who fan, I have to say that if your hubby is really picking up the entire run of the (new) Dr Who seasons, then I recommend you sit down with him when he decides to watch 'The Empty Child', 'The Girl in the Fireplace', 'Human Nature' and, most especially, 'Blink'. These are all excellent fun. Blink won a prestigious award for its writing and stars Oscar nominee, Carey Mulligan.

  4. Is "The Girl in the Fireplace" when they hang out with the French queen and the robots want to eat her brain when she turns 37 - or something like that?

  5. Yes, that's the one. I think it's rather sweet (er, perhaps not the brain sucking part)

  6. Lovez ur door mat. I also love how much you love ur hubbie-bubbie. I would have murderded mine if he ever did that. BUT he has promised that *I* would be in charge of the money things.(but i'm half fangirl...ssoooo...yea).

    Just count urslef lucky that yours is a safe collections. Mine loves guns, explosives and sharp stuff. I would have to be carefull not to kick the package that comes to my door! 8|