Saturday, May 22, 2010

Red Dork Season Two

Because my husband can’t just buy television shows one season at a time, he buys the entire series all at once. He doesn’t even know if he will like all the shows, but he has that urge to own entire collections. This is why he owns all of the Red Dwarf DVDs.
The second year of Red Dwarf has a bunch of episodes about the slob, the hologram, the cat, and the computer. The season begins with the crew meeting a robo-butler named Kryten, who was taking care of a bunch of skeletons. In another episode, the crew finds a 3 million year old bag of mail, but I didn’t watch the entire show so I can’t go into details about it. The only other episode I watched from this season with Ash was the one when Holly, the computer, played a trick on the crew. He made an alternative computer that took over the ship as Holly feigned incompetence. The new computer made Lister and Cat clean the ship and tormented Rimmer the hologram.


  1. Do your husband a favour. Indulge him and keep series 1 to 3 of Red Dwarf - but throw out everything after this point. He'll thank you one day...

  2. If I could get by with throwing out his stuff, I would do it in a heartbeat.