Monday, May 3, 2010

Red Dweeb

Last weekend, Ash and I stayed up late so Ash could watch Doctor Who like a proper geek. Unfortunately for me, he kept falling asleep and every time I tried to change the channel he’d wake up yelling, “Hey! I’m watching that!” So, I got to watch and episode about some aliens that did some stuff and see Doctor Who save the day.

The next day Ash insisted that he really truly likes Doctor Who, even though he never watches it. He then decided that he liked the old episodes that were made before he was born that he has never seen. I think he started to buy the individual episodes online, but he kept falling asleep trying to watch them. I don’t know why he needed to pay for the episodes just to fall asleep when he is able to “watch” them for free on PBS, but I think wasting money is a symptom of his fanboyitis.

Anyway, Ash then remembered that he didn’t like Doctor Who at all – it was Red Dwarf he liked watching as a kid! So, a few days later Ash is now the proud owner of a big boxed set of Red Dwarf.

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  1. Red Dwarf is ace, we have some of them on DVD. My best moment is when Cat did his washing and hung it up, with all spit dripping off it.