Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spike the Punch

Out of all of Buffy’s demon boyfriends, I think Ash likes Spike the best. A few years ago, Ash changed the background of his work computer to display a photomontage of Spike. I, of course, had no choice but to sneak into his office and change his desktop by drawing little pink hearts around each of photos of Spike. My husband wasn’t too pleased and he didn’t let me use his work computer any more after that.

Anyway, Spike is yet another vampire on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer that Buffy dated. At first, though, they were mortal enemies. Spike was a Billy Idol vampire with a crazy vampire girlfriend named Drusilla, and the pair set up camp in Buffy’s hometown to wreak havoc. Buffy beat them up and they left town. Spike kept coming back, and after Drusilla left him, he started to stalk Buffy. At one point he even built a robo-Buffy, which was extremely creepy.
Spike was also used for government experiments, and a computer chip was put in his brain so he couldn’t harm humans. Because he was full of violence, he started to take his aggressions out on other demons and helped Buffy and her sidekicks. All the while, he was still infatuated with Buffy. In one of the later seasons, Buffy died and came back from the dead. When she came back, Spike became her vampire with benefits. Then, at one point he got his soul back, but it made him crazy. He then went on to guest-star on Angel.


  1. Gotta say-at one point I had a picture of Spike with a pink heart around it....till I found out he was actually from Cali instead of Jolly Old England.

  2. I love Spike, despite his rubbish English accent.