Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Star Trek Season Two

The second season of Star Trek is just as cheesy as the first, and Captain Kirk is Shat-tastic as usual. This is the season with the famed “Trouble with Tribbles” episode. It’s been a while since Ash was on a Star Trek bender, so I don’t remember too much about this season. I think there was a show when the God Apollo wanted them to worship him in return for giving them a blissful life, which they refused for some reason. Other episodes include robots, fights, and even an alien belly dancer! The only good that came out of watching this season is that I now get more of the MST3K jokes that spoof Star Trek.


  1. Shat-tastic is a word that should never be uttered in mixed company :)

  2. "Shat-tastic" should be in the OED.

    (That's Oxford English Dictionary to those of you what ain't edjumucated.)

  3. WELL, exCUSE me for not learning all of the ackronoms in the entire universe. I find it offensive that you are implying that since I did NOT know what OED stood for, that I and/or others are stupid or uneducated or as you would probably say, 'disedjumcated'. Just because you know some ackronoms don't mean you smartr than erery one else. And implying so just shows that you are 'disedjumucated'.