Monday, May 31, 2010

Talking Heads

Ash loves owning complete collections, and if he has the choice between buying one item or a boxed set he is always going to buy the collection. He recently purchased the Talking Heads Brick. This Talking Heads boxed set contains 8 CDs. He swears he got a good deal on it, and for a while he would only listen to Talking Heads music, but now it is sitting in a pile collecting dust.


  1. He could at least take the labal off...

  2. He does have SOME good taste! ;D

    Isn't that box pleasing BTW? I like it.

  3. Ash has a thing about how he opens anything in a boxed set, like DVDs and CDS. He only cuts off the plastic of the opening in hopes that the remaining plastic will help preserve the cardboard box. This is why the sticker is still on the box.