Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Unfunny People

Thanks to Ash’s Seth Rogen fetish, he bought Funny People. This movie takes about 20 minutes of jokes and stretches it out into an 8 hour long film. Seth Rogen is a struggling standup comedian who meets Adam Sandler, who is a successful comedian with a terminal illness. Rogen becomes Sandler’s best friend and writes some jokes for him. Sandler gets healthy and reconnects with an old girlfriend and almost convinces her to leave her husband and two children, but her husband beats the crap out of him. That part was kind of funny. Sandler and Rogen break up, and Rogen has to work at a deli.

In the end, Sandler and Rogen are friends again they live happily ever after, I think.


  1. Thanks for the warning - that sounds DIRE.

  2. Sandler gets beaten up; highlight of the film?

  3. Sounds like a highlight to me!