Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Doctor Who, M.D.

Ash is obsessed with Doctor Who, even though he falls asleep all the time watching it. Perhaps while he is sleeping he is dreaming that the show has interesting story lines and good special effects.

Anyway, in Doctor Who the Doctor is the main character. The Doctor is a time-lord, which is a near immortal alien that has two hearts. He can live for thousands of years, and he travels through time and space in a blue phone booth.

The Doctor is so old he has his origins in radio, but then he transferred to television. Doctor Who ran for ages in the late 20th century, and then it was revived again more recently. Obviously with such a long running show, the same actor hasn’t been playing the Doctor all this time. Instead, Doctor Who can regenerate. When he’s near death, he gets changed into a different actor. The first Doctor that I’ve seen is Old Man Doctor Austin Powers. This Doctor has gray hair and a ruffled shirt. He’s very groovy.

The next Doctor is Doctor Scarf. Ash loves this one the most and wants his own mile-long scarf, even though he hates being warm. Doctor Scarf is very tall, has frizzy hair, and he has a giant scarf. Ash said that the trademark scarf was a fluke. He said that the costuming person was given a bunch of yarn and told to make a scarf. Her bosses assumed that she would just take what she needed and make a normal scarf, but she thought the directions were to use all of the yarn.

After a long break when Doctor Who wasn’t on the air, there was another doctor with a leather coat. He was only the Doctor for a short while. After he regenerated, he became Doctor Bug Eyes. Ash likes this actor because he has a very expressive face. Now, the show is on the most recent Doctor. I had to watch the bonus feature that documented the scene when Doctor Bug Eyes was set on fire, but I haven’t had to watch any of the most recent Doctor Who episodes.


  1. Doctor Scarf (Tom Baker?) was Doctor Who when I was a kid, so he's my favorite, too. I think Douglas Adams wrote a few episodes when Doctor Scarf was the Doctor. Tell Ash to look for Douglas Adams' name in the credits when he's watching a Doctor Scarf episode. Then he can force you to watch it with him.

  2. You do realise that you now need to apologise to everyone in the UK, or at least everyone here who's name begins with a letter of the alphabet, right?

  3. When is the U.K. going to apologize for Doctor Who?

  4. Thanks, Tom! You get a gold star for the day!

    Ken, I'm sorry (that you don't appreciate my sense of humor).

  5. I'm from the UK, and I also think that Dr Who is really dull. The target audience for the new series is small children and they all seem to like it, but I have no idea why grownups make such a fuss about it.