Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Doom Patrol and Legion of Super-Heroes

Ash, my nerd-in-residence, was quite excited when he got a comic that has Doom Patrol and the Legion of Super-Heroes in it. He has an unhealthy fixation with the Legion of Super-Heroes, which he admits is geeky even among other fanboys. Apparently, not all comic book fans adore the Legion as much as Ash does.


  1. Yes, the Legion is an acquired taste.

  2. Legion was one of DC's most popular comics in the early 1980's. Now I'm showing my age.

    Doom Patrol was a series by DC about a team of misfit outcasts whose mentor was a wheelchair-bound genius. It premiered a few months before Marvel's X-Men, a series about a team of misfit outcast mutants whose mentor was a wheelchair-bound genius. Just as Swamp Thing and Man-Thing debuted a few months apart, and Marvel's Punisher first appeared soon after the paperback action hero series, the Executioner.

    All sheer coincidence, of course.