Monday, June 14, 2010


Renaissance Festivals are one of the few nerdy things that I like that my husband abhors. The first time I went to one was when I was in junior high. I went again when I was in high school, and then I worked at one for a season my senior year. In college, I started attending a different Renaissance Festival annually. Now, I live within driving distance of quite a few festivals, but I do I have the restraint not to visit all of them every year.

I think the reason I like them is because I get to play dress-up and watch unusual comedy acts. My absolute favorite act is Puke and Snot. I also enjoy watching the belly dancers and jousters. I also can’t resist the food, and it’s always fun to lock friends in the stocks.

I recently travelled to a Renaissance Festival and had a good time; however, I did see something surprising. I usually see a few patrons dressed completely inappropriately, but that’s sort of expected. Sometimes it’s a princess wearing modern, glitterdot fabric and tennis shoes. Other times I have to endure the unattractive women in the chainmail bikinis. Once I saw a man with a smiley face codpiece!

This year I saw something new. I saw a Star Wars character at the Renaissance Festival. I don’t know what character he was, but I knew it was Star Wars because of his plastic light saber. He was in all black and had red and black face paint. Perhaps he used the force to travel back in time to see Queen Elizabeth I?

Regardless of why he was there, he really must have enjoyed the attention. He stood there for at least a half an hour with his back turned to the show, near the trash cans, staring down everyone passing by. I walked past him a few times because the food vendors were on one side of that area and there was shopping on the other, and I had to cross back again to get to a show I wanted to see. I swear I overheard him complain to his uncomfortable looking lady-friend about how everyone kept giving him funny looks.

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  1. That is absolutely hysterical! Darth Maul at a renaissance fair. That's something I would do...