Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Red Dummy Season Four

I think most of episodes I’ve seen of Red Dwarf are from the fourth season. Ash must have been watching them on a day we both had free from work and I had nowhere to which I could escape. This season begins with the crew finding an alien that can transform into anyone’s desire. Kryton, the robot, sees the alien as a fembot, and they fall in loves. Lister and Rimmer both see their fantasy girlfriends, and the Cat sees himself!

Later on, Lister gets turned into a chicken, Rimmer gets in trouble for killing the crew of Red Dwarf, a parallel dimension Rimmer pops by for a visit, and the crew fights Adolf Hitler. The talking toaster is back, even though it is completely different from the first one, but Ash said that this show wasn’t very good at internal consistencies. (I think during the third season the computer changed into a woman.)


  1. How many seasons are there? Will the fun ever end?

  2. Most impressivly, this appears to be live action?! I miss the flying toaster screensaver...might be time to dig that one out again.

  3. I did warn you!
    Would you like a toasted teacake?