Friday, June 25, 2010

Super White Shirt

Superman has a very iconic costume; he’s dressed in skintight primary colors. He wears his red undies on the outside of his blue tights. He has a red and yellow “S” emblem on his chest (so no one confuses him with Batman). He also wears red booties that match his big, red cape. Since Superman is a very in-demand superhero, and he needs to keep his identity a secret, he wears his costume under his human work clothes.

My concern is how Superman tucks his cape under his clothes. I don’t believe he can wear a cape under his suit without anyone noticing because he would have a very lumpy butt. Ash also thinks it’s preposterous that Superman could wear his super-suit under his clothes but for different reasons. Ash, who wears a dress shirt and tie on an almost daily basis, says that there isn’t a white shirt in the world that is opaque enough to hide the ostentatious “S” on Superman’s chest. Perhaps no one notices the brightly colored shirt under Superman’s dress shirt because everyone is distracted by his clever glasses?


  1. Good points! And what does he do with his "normal" clothes, while he is Superman? They'd get nicked from the Phone Box, so I guess he screws them up and shoves them down the back, or front, of his tights.

  2. LOL, I saw this episode of Robot Chicken where they played with that idea(what happens to his 'normal' clothes), They did it where homeless drunk guys always steal his clothes from the phone booth, put them on and run around all crazy like! It was haliarious!