Thursday, July 29, 2010

Buffy’s Librarian

The librarian on Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one of the few grownups who actually played a grownup, as opposed to a grownup playing a teenager. The character was named Giles, and he was more than just the librarian. He was also the watcher. What is a watcher? Well, in the Buffy-verse, a watcher is like the vampire slayer’s boss. The watcher is an adult who knows all about vampires and monsters, and s/he trains the slayer in hopes that she will live long enough to get her driver’s license. While watchers don’t have any superpowers, they do get a paycheck from the Royal Anti-Vampire Counsel.    


  1. Wasn't the librarian the uber-serious go-to person every time there was a urgent puzzle to work out before time exploded and Hell opened up?

  2. ...and they drink plenty of coffee.

  3. Those coffee commercials with the actor who played Giles just seemed to disappear, after building up that soap opera love triangle. Maybe it could have continued as a comic book, like Buffy.