Monday, July 12, 2010


Doctor Who features a menagerie of puppets and costumes that are meant to be aliens, robots, and monsters of sorts. While children and fanboys alike are wildly entertained by these creations, I find them very cheesy and annoying. The Daleks, by far, are the most irritating of all of the Doctor’s nemeses. First of all, their name is irksome. I thought it should be spelled “Darlicks,” since that’s how it’s pronounced, but I was wrong. I actually thought they were the “Garlics” at first, but Doctor Ash corrected me.
So, the Daleks/Darleks are these horrible puppet/remote controlled/costume things that fight the Doctor again and again. They are crudely made and could be easily defeated by a flight of stairs. Even the Mystery Science Theater 3000 puppets were better constructed, and they were funny. The Daleks look like they’re trashcans with upside down bowls for heads. They also have light bulbs glued to their exteriors. Finally, for their terrifying robot appendages, they have plungers and whisks. Watch out for the whisk though, there’s a death-ray in it.
The most annoying feature about the Daleks has to be their voices. It’s unbearable to listen to them. They all have very panicked roboto-voices screeching on a chalkboard. They’re always shrieking, “You will be deleted!” (or something like that) while waving their death-whisks and plungers while rolling after their victims.

While I loathe all of the Doctor Who episodes, I particularly hate the ones with the Daleks. Be wary of these whiney garbage cans.


  1. This is funny, even to an offended fanboy!! ;)

    It's "Dalek", because the guy who designed them named them after a volume of his encyclopedia labeled "DAL - LEK".

  2. The Daleks seem to be the most popular recurring villains in the show's rogues' gallery. But even Jon Pertwee (the third or fourth Doctor) once said they were not that formidable, since all you had to do to escape from them was walk up or down stairs.