Friday, July 9, 2010

Doctor Who Narcolepsy

There are many, many things about Doctor Who that irritate me. I’m annoyed that Ash is determined to drain his bank account on a quest to own all the episodes. I’m annoyed that he owns more DVD sets than will fit on a shelf. I’m annoyed that Ash has to watch all of the special features right after watching the episodes. However, the thing that annoys me the most is Ash’s Doctor Who Narcolepsy.

What usually happens is Ash comes home from work and pops in a Doctor Who DVD. About 10 minutes into the show, Ash falls asleep. As soon he falls asleep, I give him a few chances to awaken and watch his show. “Ash,” I’ll ask, “are you awake?” He always says he’s awake, but his eyes are closed and he’s snoring again in less than a minute. “Ash,” I’ll ask again, “are you watching this?” He’ll tell me his is watching it, but his glasses are off and he’s drooling another minute later.

Usually when I turn the TV off or change the channel, Ash will spring to life and say, “Hey! I was watching that!” It’s bad enough that I have to watch Doctor Who with my husband, but it is extremely irritating that I have to watch it while he is sleeping. On one occasion recently, Ash slept through an entire episode, woke up, and replayed that episode so he could nap through it twice in a row!


  1. Dress up as a Dalek, while he is asleep. Then wake him up by shouting "EXTERMINATE!". He'll shit himself.

  2. I sometimes fear "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!" will be the last words Ash hears as his wife's hands tighten around his neck.

  3. Would you believe me if I said I made my own Dalek costume out of common kitchen items while Ash was dozing a few weeks ago? He wasn't too pleased when I woke him up...

  4. If Ash can afford all these DVDs, comics etc... surely he can afford a second TV set?