Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fanboyitis Symptom Checklist

Faboyitis is a serious condition that drains your savings and robs you of your dignity. My husband suffers from this disorder, and here are the symptoms that I’ve observed.
  • All of his normal clothing is replaced by apparel that displays comic characters and logos.
  • He has the need to buy entire series of television shows he might like. He will buy every episode available for sale before he even finishes watching the first season. He will never admit if he doesn’t like the show. It is more important to own the complete collection than it is to enjoy the items purchased.
  • All of your shelves are filled with his books and movies, thus making it impossible to find anything you might want to read or watch.
  • He cannot leave the house without a memento of obsessions. This can be a pin, ring, hat, or even underpants.
  • All of the surfaces in your home (counters, tables, chairs, etc.) are covered with stacks of comic books.
  • He has to buy first issues of all new comics and all of the subsequent issues. He will often let the books pile up for months before even reading the first issue and deciding if he even enjoys the story or illustrations.
  • When he buys a television series, he has to watch all of the episodes in a row. He will watch the show nonstop until he has seen ever episode, bonus feature, and commentary.
  • He will stay up all night watching television and falling asleep in the living room so often he will just keep his pillow and blanket on the couch.
If your spouse or loved one exhibits any of these conditions, seek expert help immediately!


  1. What if half of these symptoms match your own personality?!? :O