Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The most recent Mystery Science Theater 3000 boxed set I have is volume 17. MST3K is the only television show that I own that consumes an entire shelf, but that’s mostly because Ash buys me every DVD he can because he doesn’t know what else to buy me for gift-giving holidays and occasions. While I loved watching this show when I was a teenager, I probably wouldn’t have started buying it for myself. In fact, I don’t think I’ve paid for a single DVD. I think Ash is projecting his fanboyitis on me through gifts. Unfortunately, this collection will never be complete because I highly doubt that Sandy Frank will ever release the rights to the Gamera movies.
Anyway, MST3K XVII has four horrible movies: The Crawling Eye, The Beatniks, The Final Sacrifice, and Blood Waters of Dr. Z. It also has mini-posters, which are the movie covers printed on small paper so I can spill them out of the box each time I want to watch a movie. Overall, this set gets the coveted Fanboy Wife Seal of Approval.
The Crawling Eye is a very old episode. It was the first one that wasn’t on KTMA, and it has Doctor Erhardt. It’s about a big ole eyeball that terrorizes the town. I’ve watched it a few times, but I can’t remember much about it.

The other Joel episode is The Beatniks, and that is easier to watch that The Crawling Eye. It’s about a hooligan who randomly gets a singing career, but his idiot friends ruin it for him. The robots are in love with the main character, and they have a slumber party, which is entertaining.
My “favorite” movie in the set is The Final Sacrifice. It’s an awful movie about a nerdy kid who learns that his dad was killed by a cult, and he has to join forces with a man with a mullet. I really can’t recall how this one ends, but that’s how it goes with most of these terrible films. I enjoyed the host segments in this show, especially when Bobo gave everyone hockey-hair. There’s also a song about Canada that gets out of control.
The last movie in the set is Blood Waters of Dr. Z, and it is almost unwatchable. Fortunately, it’s pretty forgettable. I know it has something to do with a doctor who turns himself into a fish-man-monster of Doctor Who quality. He then takes a spray bottle and tries to turn other fish into mutants too. I think he kills some people. I can’t remember. I know I’ll watch it again, but I really can’t remember much about this movie because it was so bad!


  1. I love MST3K but I don't think we can buy them here. One of my favourites is Time Splitters and another is The Pumaman. There is a film where they race vehicles on a space station (at about 4mph) and a girl with a perm gets resurrected (appearing at a desk in a big scene, having died earlier)... I don't know what that's called but I loved it. In fact, there are LOADS of great ones!

    You give out an award? My ambitions for my blog now have a focus! :D

  2. Your blog is in itself a kind of MST3K, effortlessly lampooning the silliest aspects of sci-fi and fan(boy)tasy. If you were to produce your own MST3K-style commentaries they would rock.

  3. Blogmella, you're thinking of Space Mutiny. That one is awful, but I love it.

    Thank you, Sci-Fi Gene!