Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Red Dolt Season Eight

I was held captive in my own living room and forced to watch the beginning of the eighth season of Red Dwarf. (The internet must not have been working that day.) Lister, Rimmer, the Cat, the robot, and Lister’s girlfriend from last season find the Red Dwarf ship. Somehow, the crew that was killed 3 million years prior is also present, and they are very suspicious of the regular cast. They all end up in jail, and Kryten is imprisoned with the female convicts because he lacks “a very naughty bit indeed.”

In jail, the convicts play tricks on the crew, which gets them in lots of trouble. At one point, they change a dead bird into a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which eats everything and makes big messes. I think there is an episode or two after the dinosaur one, but I quit watching after the T-Rex one, so I have no idea how the series concluded. I’m sure I didn’t miss out on much.


  1. so your TV works again?
    or did you get a new one?

  2. If I saw that a dead bird changed into a T-Rex, I'd probably leave the room too.

  3. I reset the TV by unplugging it for an hour, and I hope that I fixed it.

    Additionally, Ash actually watched all of the Red Dwarf episodes in a row, but I spread out my complaining. I figured no one would want to read about Red Dwarf for over a week.