Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ash’s Girly Movies

While I tease Ash a lot about his choices in movies, I am probably going to cross a line today. Ash has two horribly girly movies, Pretty in Pink and 13 Going on 30. I don’t think I’ve seen the former and I know I couldn’t sit through the latter.
Ash was watching 13 Going on 30 once when I was home, and I tried to watch it with him, but I couldn’t. I got bored and wandered away, but I think I grasped the plot before I left. It’s a movie about a 13 year old, who wants to be 30, and she magically wakes up in the future and she’s 30. The premise of the plot it kind of odd because I know of many women who are perpetually 29 because they are afraid of thirty. Even my own mother says she’s still 29!

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  1. I saw Pretty in Pink in the movies. I remember I liked it, for what that's worth. I haven't seen it again since.