Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fanboy Math Quiz

It is a popular misconception that fanboys are good at math because they are nerds. My husband, for example, is not great with math. I have put together a short quiz of math questions that are applicable to Ash and the math in his life.

  1. If Ash has $167.92 in his bank account and he wants to preorder comics online because of the discount, at what point does his overdraft fee negate the savings?
  2. If Ash has a shelf that is 22” wide, and he wants to store over 60 Doctor Who DVDs and all of the Red Dwarf DVDs on it, how many boxes will end up being piled on top of the shelf and on the floor?
  3. If Doctor Who was 6’3” and his scarf was 17’ long, and Ash is 5’11”, how long of a scarf would Ash need so his would be proportionate to Doctor Who’s?
  4. If Ash and I live in a tiny apartment and only have 35 square feet of open space in our bedroom, how many long boxes can Ash store in there before I leave him?


  1. (3) 16' 1" (Well 1.12", but 16'1" is close enough for Government work).

  2. (2) Assuming 15 mm per DVD case -- the width of a standard single-disc Keep Case -- you could fit 37 DVDs on each shelf. The Dr. Who DVDs are almost all single-disc keep cases, but I don't know about the Red Dwarf DVDs. Are they in special double-wide full-season cases, or is each season spread out over several single-disc DVD cases? Or is the situation even more complicated than that? Bottom line, he'd need 1 and 23/37 of these shelves to store all of his Dr. Who DVDs without piling any on top or on the floor, but to know how much space the Red Dwarf discs add to the problem I'm afraid you're just going to have to measure them.