Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ghostbusters Soundtrack

I don’t know what’s worse: that my husband owns the Ghostbusters soundtrack on vinyl or that he actually listens to it.


  1. LOL! Love your blog! My boyfriend is obsessed with everything science-fiction and computers. He has a whole room devoted to these old-school clunky machines that take up too much room. He has over 5 useless computers just sitting around with about five printers and a gazillion gadgets. It' a fire hazard, but he refuses to get rid of all of his old computers!

    I guess it's part of living with a fanboy, eh? :D

  2. COOL! vinyl records are awesome!

  3. I think it's charming! What's not to love about vinyl? Besides, it might be worth something someday.

  4. The Ghostbusters came, they're cleanin' up this town!